Ashley Ernest
Ashley Ernest is the owner and designer of a DifferentKind of Fine, specializing in limited series, one-of-a-kind, and freelanced designs. Her work ranges from the ergonomic, to the lady-like, to the avant-garde. She designs jewelry and apparel, both reclaiming materials: vintage and found. She delves into anything which involves making and sparks her fancy.
Ashley's work is driven by the wish to fulfill design aesthetics both functionally and visually, meeting intuitive ideals, as a designer.
Her jewelry and apparel are both wearable and unique demonstrating visually and functionally an aesthetic that her audience recognizes as modern and fresh. She reflects and innovates by repurposing materials, in ways, in which they have not been used before.

In the past, Ashley has reflected in a manner, such as; researching specific cultures, periods of history, and ideologies. Her inspiration has ranged from; the Victorian period (American and European), decorative Art Nouveau design, feminine ideologies (social and historical), etcetera.

Currently she enjoys exploring her local surroundings, experimenting with various materials, and delving into eclectic design ideas. She enjoys examining modern trends and utilizing the history of jewelry and apparel into her pieces. She aims to create designs that are aesthetically pleasing, enjoyable to wear, and beneficial for the environment.

a DifferentKind of Fine
by, Ashley Ernest