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pewter hoops, metal, handmade, jewelry, painted
Purple Pewter Hoops
3" x 1.5"

The Story

This series of hoops were made from repurposed engraved pewter cuff bracelets. The bracelets were handed down to me, from my mother. She used to wear these, on hot summer nights! I used to really love them as a kid! They ended up breaking, so I decided to repurpose them, into earrings. I hand pierced, drilled, and filed the cuffs into "make a statement" earrings----they really fill a room! They are on the heavier side but can be worn for a whole day and night--but probably not all weekend.
The bright color is from some nail lacquer I painted abstract designs onto the earrings!

Hoops, 3" x 1.5", with pierced ear back. Made of repurposed pewter and painted lacquer. Hand formed, hand pierced, & hand constructed. Repurposed out of a vintage cuff bracelet.

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