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pewter Earrings, Handmade Earrings, Hand painted earrings, purple lacquer
Purple Pewter Hoops

The Story

This series of one-of-a-kind hoops were made from repurposed engraved pewter cuff bracelets. The bracelets were handed down to me, from my mother. She used to wear these, on hot summer nights! I used to really love them as a kid! They ended up breaking, so I decided to repurpose them, into earrings. I hand pierced, drilled, and filed the cuffs into "make a statement" earrings----they really fill a room! They are on the heavier side but can be worn for a whole day and night--but probably not all weekend.
The bright color is from some nail lacquer I painted abstract designs onto the earrings!

Hoops, 3" x 2", with pierced ear back. Made of repurposed pewter and painted lacquer. Hand formed, hand pierced, & hand constructed. Repurposed out of a vintage cuff bracelet.

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