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Silk Vintage Scarves Bohemian Style Maxi Dress
Vintage Silk Scarves, Patchwork
Cotton, Vintage Dress, Sailor Print
Vintage Scarf, Woven Cream Cotton
Vintage Silk, Re-purposed, Woven Cotton Dress
Vintage Silk Scarf, Woven Cotton, Vintage Ribbon
fifties, pin-up,Vintage,Silk, Cadwallader, Scarf, Vintage Cotton Scarf, Striped Taffeta Silk Fabric
Vintage Silk Cadwallader Scarf, Vintage Cotton Scarf, Striped Taffeta Silk Fabric
Vintage, Patchwork, Cotton, silk
Vintage jean, cotton, and silk
Jean, Beaded, Vintage, Colorful Dress
Vintage Beaded Material, Re-purposed, Patchwork, Black Jean
Patchwork, Ikat, Jean Skirt
Jean, Cotton
Velvet, Brocade, Shorts, victorian, floral
Velvet Brocade Shorts
Lace, Taffeta, and Cotton Top and Skirt, asian
Vinatge Lace and Cotton, Yellow Quilted Taffeta

"The Evening Dock" line is made mostly of vintage and antique fabrics. The other fabrics which are not vintage or antique have been collected from local, second hand, and ethically sourced USA shops--fostering practices of re-making and re-using materials. While collecting jeans, scarves, ribbons, curtains, silks, and lace the materials are reinvented and given a “New Life”.
This collection presents a range of work for all seasons. Silks are mixed with brocades, cottons, and velvets—referencing domesticity, adventure, and romance. Each piece mimics its own unique character, while bringing a sense of joy to the wearer!

Terra:Textiles Fashion Show Jackson Hole, WY

Photos: Wade Dunstan & Richiebeats